The first installment of course content for the Central European tour features films about each of the four cities. As only cinema can do, these films provide a quick immersion into specific aspects of each city's culture and history and serve as an introduction to themes that will be explored in other art forms in the course. (Scroll down for additional content.)

We started with films about music (Budapest) and art (Vienna) and how they represent efforts at resistance and justice. For Prague and Munich we move to films about direct resistance to Nazi power in those cities.

The White Rose refers to a small group of students at Munich University who launched a resistance movement against the Nazi regime. A German film about the circle of students and their grim fate was directed by Michael Verhoeven and released in 1982.

Because this title doesn't seem to be readily available for purchase or streaming, we provide this YouTube link:


Though it is not specifically set in Munich, the award-winning film The White Ribbon (2009) fits our course theme as it hints at the decline of aristocracy and the advent of war through a series of crimes and their aftermath set in a small town in northern Germany.

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