The second set I performed at the Cicada Consort Marathon Benefit concert featured a short piece I composed in 2014 as part of the set Royal Portraits entitled "Count Belisarius (The Basilica Cistern)," in between Diary of a Madman by Pavel Kopecky and Petites Variations by Nicolas Verin. As with the previous set selections from literature were provided at the concert as a substitute for program notes. They are included below. In the case of Verin, I've included the composers and/or styles he is referencing in his different variations.


I had the great privilege of performing recently on the Cicada Consort Marathon Benefit Concert at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. The purpose was to raise money for the Michael J. Fox Foundation to support research into Parkinson's Disease and other neurological disorders. The concert featured over 40 performers and composers and I performed two solo sets as well as "Vox Balaenae" by George Crumb. 

For this blog entry for Spring 2016, I'm including video of the performances along with the excerpts from literature that I shared at the performance as a way to contextualize and further elucidate the pieces.

The final issue of 2015 is here! We start with a work that actually does refer to the season (as the culmination of our previous post about various "Falls"), Autumn Music for woodwind quintet by Jennifer HigdonPurchase score here

As we head into the fall and prepare for our next print issue, we thought we'd share a compilation of works that address "Fall" in all its varied meanings. Actually none of them represent the season, Autumn, although The Fall of the House of Usher by Philip Glass is definitely an appropriately spooky selection for the month of October. And so we'll start there:

Understandably it's difficult to find more than a short excerpt of the opera on YouTube, but this from the opening provides a glimpse of the excitement of the orchestral writing, which as a chamber ensemble of about 18 instruments also more than suitable for a student production (with three main vocal roles).

Vulcan Lyric, a new opera theater company in Philadelphia led by music director Andrew Kurtz, has launched an exciting summer festival. Intended to 'fill a gap' in the summer months' programming in Philadelphia, the festival presents new or recently premiered opera theater works, including musical theater. This year's offerings included the world premiere of Maren of Vardø: Satan's Bride, The Heathers (musical), Glory Denied and La hija de Rappaccini (Rappaccini's Daughter).

As promised we move into the realm of larger ensemble works in this issue,

beginning with Moondani: Black by Taran Carter of Australia

In addition to our foray into North Indian Classical rhythm (see previous post for January 22), we feature the following composers in our second issue:

Brian Ciach

Jean-Christophe Rosaz

Orlando Jacinto Garcia

Libby Larsen

George N. Gianopoulos

To view video / listen to audio, please

The Gankogui marks the beat in drum ensemble music of Ghana and other parts of West Africa. The beat is not a steady pulse but a particular rhythm that the ensemble is following or linking up with. This post will share examples of the 'bell rhythm' in West African drumming and how the rhythms can be heard in Caribbean traditional music such as Santeria as well as popular Latin music. 

As a supplement to the workshop at TMEA in February, I provide some visual aids, descriptions and helpful links here for you to consult and study! These are only the basics and we will go much further with counting and improvising at the workshop! Much of the material here appears in a short article in the April issue of Blink along with additional exercises notated in syllables.

So we start with the clap-wave counts for Tintal:


We are excited about our first issue and want to encourage new music fans to subscribe - both to our RSS feed for regular updates and to the print magazine. Our initial subscription fee is $25.00 (for four issues per year). Please consider subscribing! if you are a composer, you receive one free score submission to be considered for publication in Blink once you subscribe.




Our January Issue has gone to print! 

Here we list all contributors with links to their websites:

Garrett Hope

Valerie Capers

Don't Idle Engine

Ivan Bozicevic

Caroline Xiong (Young Composer)

Daniel Carr

Ahmed Adnan Saygun (Listen to audio tracks here and learn more about his music on our research page)

Karl Blench


Purchase this issue for $5.00 (plus S&H)


 ISSN # (print version): 2376-6689

We're just back from an invigorating trip to the Midwest Clinic held every December in Chicago. This international conference for band and orchestra ensembles and educators features clinics by leading educators from around the world as well as numerous performances by student and professional ensembles including many of the U.S. Armed Forces ensembles.

Highlights for us at the Clinic included ... 

Another feature in our first issue is excerpts from "Canto de la ave rapiega" (Song of the Bird of Prey) for cello and piano by Ivan Bozicevic of Split, Croatia. You can purchase the score either as PDF download or in print from Abundant Silence Publishing (click here).

Here is the promised recording of the performance in Denver, CO on January 31!

We are pleased to include "The Nurse's Song" from Three Blake Songs by Daniel Carr in our first issue of Blink.

Click on the links to listen to Carr's new recording of this song and of several of his other works.

Carr has this to say about Nurse's Song:
"Nurse's Song" is the first in a set of three songs to the poetry of William Blake.  These were my first attempt at composing "classical" songs for voice and piano.  Having grown up listening to far more pop music than classical, these songs tend to have a Pop, Folk and even Broadway influence -- wrapped in the cloak of Classical Music.  These simple songs are to be sung with minimal vibrato and ask for a pure, clean tone.
We are also excited to include links to purchase the score, at SheetMusicPlus and JW Pepper.


"Dreams and Hallucinations" is a substantial (30+ min.) work for cello and piano by Karl Blench that lives up to its title with several movements exploring varied moods and states of consciousness. In the print issue we will feature the movement "Altered Reality."

Purchase the score! Click here.

Look for the score in our first issue of Blink!



Our next channel suggestion is Incipitsfy. It features more recent works. It should be obvious that a great benefit to this channel is the accompanying scores as the video stream! Enjoy perusing the wide variety of composers and genres.

An interesting component of the NAfME Young Composers Concert was a talk back with the composers led by Daniel Deutsch. He asked them what they had been listening to, for inspiration or simply for reCreation. Several answers pointed to an interest in early twentieth century masters, such as Shostakovich and Stravinsky. As a supplement we thought we'd post links to new music YouTube channels - an easy way to access and learn about new and slightly older music! NewMusicXX run by Max Ridgway in Oklahoma is our first choice. Check out his substantial list of posts!

We are pleased to feature a young composer who came to our attention at the NAfME Young Composers Concert in Nashville recently.

"The Lonely Fairy" is by Caroline Xiong, a third grader at PS 188 in Queens, NY and the youngest winner in the group. Her teacher is Vivian Fang Liu.

A highlight for us at the 2014 National Association for Music Education Convention was definitely the Young Composers Concert on Monday, Oct. 27. It featured 11 composition competition winners ranging in age from 8 to 20. An additional winner was featured on the All-National Concert Band performance. We look forward to featuring the winning compositions as they come to us along with recordings. Stay tuned!

Sonic Crossroads is planning a journal devoted to new music called Blink. The print version will feature new works selected through a review process with links to complete scores (for larger, multiple-movement works) and to audio/video. Stay tuned for more about our first issue! 

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Check out the video pages for the Anthology of Turkish Piano Music:

Volume I

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View one of our featured titles, "Victory March," here. Also, the excerpt of "Aegean Spring" read at the Midwest Clinic Orchestra Reading session is here!



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